Improve your business digitally

Do yourself and your customers a favor. Because your customers are what counts.

"Simplicity is the key to brilliance." - Bruce Lee

What we do for you

Scorpius IT links you to the digital world with a customized customer-oriented approach. This way we are sure that you are satisfied with the solution and we can proceed to the next customer with confidence.

Also, many own projects are planned for development. These are solutions that Scorpius IT offers as an answer to the many problems and questions that are reviewed every day. You have undoubtedly noticed problems and have come up with a digital solution. We can work out this solution for you or think along about your problem.

Technology is evolving at lightning speed, but you have probably already experienced that. Just think of a new website made entirely according to the latest trends and the following month there is already a new trend. Does this sound familiar to you?

Let Scorpius IT be your guide through this digital rollercoaster. We can help you with things like:

  • Software
  • Hosting
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • SEO


What is our story

Scorpius IT strives for a transparent approach whereby we are happy to share our story with you. You will find out how it all started with Scorpius IT in a jiffy.


What do we want to achieve with Scorpius IT?


  1. A customized solution for your problem
  2. Share our extensive experience with you
  3. Being meaningful in the field of software


Scorpius IT started with the aim of delivering high-quality software and developing its own software projects. Also, we want to grow to offer peers, who are just as passionate about technology and programming, a fair chance of finding a job. For us, passion is just as important as knowledge.


Scorpius IT, initially founded by Kenny Liard, first saw the light on October 29, 2018. A day we are proud of. The day everything started.


It wasn’t long before the first customers found their way to us. And especially to be able to offer our customers better service, we are constantly developing our website. You will therefore regularly see changes on the Scorpius IT website.


We are constantly evaluating how we can present our services to you in the best possible way. We started a blog and newsletter to share tips and tricks with you. But we also try to share our own story with you this way.


As we indicated above, we continue to develop further with Scorpius IT. We do this to improve our efforts for you.


Thank you for your trust in Scorpius IT and let us build a great story together here.