9 months and counting

Time flies by

Today, the 29th of July, it’s already 9 months since Scorpius IT got founded. For me, it feels like yesterday that I went to Liantis to do all the official paperwork. Just like that, I was the owner of my own small company.


My goal from the beginning was, and still is, to develop the projects I wanted to. Finally having some time and a reason to develop all those crazy ideas.


Besides that, I had a wish to help you as a client using a very personal approach. The first clients came quickly and I enjoyed helping them. 9 months later I’m thankful for every client I’ve already had.


Enough nostalgic chatter or before we know it, 9 months have passed. So let us move on and look back at what we did since the start.

the 29th of October

What did we achieve in the last 9 months?

You might be wondering what has Scorpius IT been doing since his start. Well, my friend, I’ll tell you in a jiffy. But first, let me thank you all for the confidence and interest you all have in Scorpius IT.


I also want to personally thank the most important person in my whole life. My wife. She supports me infinitely in everything I do and her love is the most wonderful thing I ever felt. So a big thank you to you and your understanding of me working so hard.


So what did we do in the last 9 months? Let me summarize it for you.


Software development

Of course, we did develop some software since this is our core business. Currently, we are working on a software project for a desktop application. After some weightful considerations, we decided to develop the project using good old fashioned WPF.


I’m a big fan of WPF and did many things with it for my own and at my job. For Scorpius IT, it will be the first WPF project, but there will certainly follow some more.


We don’t just focus on one platform but choose to cover them all: desktop, mobile, and web. They can perfectly work together if necessary and some projects just fit better on one platform and others fit better on another platform. Besides that, I could never choose since I like them all.


We have planned own projects to come depending on the time we have next to the projects for our clients. But I can tell you like a scoop that there is an app coming. This will be developed using Xamarin.Forms.

Website of Scorpius IT

The first website we made, of course, was our website. It took quite some time before we had the website you’re looking at right now. Choosing the layout we loved most, continuously updating the content and of course improving the UX for you.


We can sincerely say we are very proud of the website of Scorpius IT and aspire to deliver websites like that to our clients. We are working on a website for a client which requires a custom theme. All of this is done using WordPress.


The main programming language I use and the first one I’ve learned was C#. But I couldn’t just stop learning one language so I learned a few over the years like COBOL, VB.NET, and PHP to name a few. PHP is the language I use side by side when working with WordPress.

PC support

I still remember it like it was just yesterday. The phone began to ring and there he was our first client. But it wasn’t for software or a website. No, it was someone who had a problem with his PC.

At that point, I had to choose between doing just my core business or helping a person in need. I choose the latter one and so our first client was for PC support. The past 9 months many had followed.

Although I enjoy every aspect of technology, due to a lack of time, I had to choose to focus on our core business, which is developing software and creating websites. We still do PC support but we just don’t mention it on our website anymore. I hope you’ll understand this decision.


As I told you before we are using WordPress for our websites. For those who don’t know WordPress, it is a very good and simple CMS. That was very important so our customers would be able to manage their website easily once it’s delivered.


60.7% of all websites using a known CMS in 2019 use WordPress. The great community, open-source approach and limitless amount of possibilities make it a blessing to work with. Of course, there are also some downsides to WordPress.


The most known downside of WordPress might be the high number of hacking attempts. Researchers estimate that there are 90,000 attacks on WordPress websites every minute. In the beginning, they tried to hack the website of Scorpius IT too, but I quickly took some precautions to lower the number of attempts. I did this by taking some extra security measures and in fact, I had no attempts anymore after those measures.


The experience with WordPress doesn’t stop here. We also offer to tutor of WordPress. Yes, you’re right it isn’t part of our core business either, but being a developer is all about community and sharing knowledge so we allow it as part of our core business.


I am addicted to gathering as much knowledge as possible, but there is almost no better feeling than sharing this knowledge with other people. No wonder I was playing school as a child with my two little brothers, me being the teacher.

Partnership with DDSoft

We also have entered into a partnership. This partnership is done with the DDSoft nonprofit. Let me tell you some more about DDSoft.


DDSoft is a nonprofit founded by a friend of mine, Dennie Declercq. DDSoft focuses on people with disabilities, which in my opinion is a very good cause. So I’m glad to contribute with Scorpius IT in the form of a partnership.


Not only did Scorpius IT entered into a partnership with DDSoft, but I am also a board member of DDSoft. Being a board member is very recent, but I already was a member for a couple of years.


At first, I started as a developer and was responsible for the databases. Since I’m having my job and Scorpius IT, it was impossible to develop at the frequency needed so being a board member I got another role, namely Treasurer.


The first of September this year DDSoft is becoming 4 years old and I can tell you lots of interesting stuff is coming. So you really should check it out.

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